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On Writing and Trepidation - Bryan Smart

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August 26th, 2009

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07:55 am - On Writing and Trepidation
I think I'm pretty anxious about school starting again. New students, new challenges, and I find I've got a sizable amount of trepidation about how this year is going to turn out. I have to keep telling myself that it will be easier than last year, especially because I have no additional study time on the side that I have to do in addition to the regular job. Yet student placement is luck of the draw, and often the difference between a problem class and a good class is one or two students with an attitude.

I want to write. I've wanted to write a novel for a very long time now, perhaps several novels. I'm always jotting ideas down, and I think my prose is engaging. My plotting needs some work. I've entered contests, but not written enough where I felt comfortable submitting to an agent. It would really help to have a finished manuscript of some kind. I've read many books on writing, own several on various topics in that vein. I've felt for a long time that it's something I could really accomplish. Only a few obstacles right now, and I think I know the answers to them, but I guess I need to write them out so I can tackle them. #1 Lack of time. This problem is never going to go away, especially for a guy with 4 kids, a life, and a day job. The answer is to do some writing every day (evening) - to carve out at least an hour or so every day where I have "writing time" without distractions, and more hours on days off if I'm really going to commit to this. #2 Lack of Access to a writing tool (computer). Rather than relying on the family computer (which my wife or kids often use or need to use) I need to get one of my own. I'm not going to write in longhand - I've tried and it takes too long to get my ideas / dialogue / etc. written out. So I need a working laptop or netbook or something that is designated as my writing tool that I have complete and unfettered access to. The wife seems behind this idea, as long as it's for my writing which could lead to additional income (however far down the road that may be). So I need to get something and resolve this asap. #3 My penchant for beginning something and not finishing it - i.e. the abortive writing attempts. There are many reasons for these, but what is the solution? I need to push on through and write a full manuscript, not 30+ pages and then give up. Part of this is plotting and writing for the whole story. Part of this is pure gumption. If I want to get somewhere, I need to just do it. Not quite sure about the complete answer to this one. I guess that's it. Bryan Smart the writer - I'm confident that I can get there. Now I need to do it.

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Date:August 26th, 2009 05:20 pm (UTC)
The good news is that the price of laptops have come way down! I agree with the "write a little all the time" idea. That's how I wrote a (never-to-be-published-but-at-least-I-pretty-much-finished) 150,000 word plus set of adventures.I think having a Word doc, as opposed to a longhand manuscript, also enhances revising, rewriting and reading by friends.

Go for it.
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Date:August 27th, 2009 05:52 am (UTC)
Thanks for the encouragement!

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