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Spring Break Tasks... - Bryan Smart

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March 24th, 2009

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01:19 pm - Spring Break Tasks...
Well, I'm enjoying Spring Break. I really needed it.

I really haven't gotten done anything I wanted to until today. I committed to my wife that I would do a few things. One of the major two was to move the wood pile that was left beside the driveway for a few months to the backyard. It took me a few hours this afternoon, but I finished before lunch at 1pm. Woo! The kids helped a bit, too. That was good because I firmly believe that children learn a work ethic through working with their parents when they are young. I'm beginning to feel the soreness from the exertion already. Man am I out of shape.

There were all kinds of interesting things under the wood pile to look at - slugs, millipedes with bunches of clear eggs, termites, pillbugs.... like a mini-dungeon delve or something. The kids were interested, anyway.

Hopefully I'll get to do some other things this week that I want to - Warhammer modeling, priming, painting. More D&D campaign stuff. Finish a cool book I'm reading (Academ's Fury by Jim Butcher) and tomorrow or Thursday my new PC components should arrive from Newegg, so I'll be building my new machine, and finally be able to play games again, I hope. I'm also thinking about buying FFG's Talisman Revised 4th edition. It looks like a great game to play with the kids. Date night tonight with just me and the missus - the babysitter confirmed, so we are good to go. Yay!
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